Repo Configuration

Fledge expects to be operating in the dev branch.

Table of contents

  1. Commit
  2. Create dev branch
  3. Push to remote
  4. Recommended: Protect master branch


Commit files on your local repo

Create dev branch

Create a dev branch on your local repo

    git branch dev
    git checkout -b dev

Push to remote

Push your local repo to the remote repo.

    git push origin dev

On the repo server, it is recommended to set the master branch to protected and dev as the default branch. This is to prevent accidental manual pushes to the master branch.

After this point the remote master should be protected and should never be pushed-to manually. There should never be a reason to even checkout the local master branch locally.

For example, see and

All Fledge commands should only then be issued from the local dev branch (Fledge will guarantee this).