Auto app delivery to both stores.

Give your Flutter app a jumpstart with a responsive CI/CD tool that is easily customizable.

Automatically build, test, sign and release your Flutter app to both Apple and Google stores.

Supports public and private build servers in both the cloud (Travis, Cirrus, etc…) and in-house (Jenkins, GitLab, etc…).

There are many steps involved each time an app, or an app upgrade, is delivered to both stores. Fledge exists to document and automate these steps.

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Getting started

Quick start: Use with GitHub and Travis

Install Fledge to your local machine

$ pub global activate fledge

Travis: Add secrets

Secret variables
Set your secret variables in:<your name>/<your repo>/settings

secret variables
These variables are used for signing and uploading to both stores.

Local repo: Add app to Fledge

  1. Create a dev branch
    git checkout -b dev
  2. Install the Travis config file and Fastlane files
    $ fledge config -b travis
  3. Push your local repo to the remote repo.
    git push --set-upstream origin dev

Local repo: Start a beta

Run pipeline on Travis

$ fledge beta

This will build your app, upload to both store consoles and release to beta testers.

Local repo: Release

Release to users

$ fledge release

This will release the app to users.

Fledge Usage

About the project

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