Table of contents

  1. Installation
  2. Dev branch
  3. Select build server
  4. Push to remote

To find out the supported build servers:

$ fledge help config
  Installs the build server config files.
  Usage: fledge config [arguments]
  -h, --help                          Print this usage information.
  -b, --buildserver=<build server>    Available build servers:
            [gitlab]                  GitLab-CI.
            [travis]                  Travis-CI.
  Run "fledge help" to see global options.

Currently supported build servers:

GitLab-CI (in-house version)


If Fledge is not already installed

pub global activate fledge

Dev branch

Create a dev branch

git branch dev
git checkout -b dev

Select build server

Install the build server config file and Fastlane files

fledge config -b travis

This will unzip the fastlane config files and related scripts. Commit these files. They will be used on the build server.

Push to remote

Push your local repo to the remote repo.

git push origin dev